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PORK PATA ADOBO | LATOK KALAN-AN (The dining table) by BacolodSpice

LATOK KALAN-AN (The dining table)
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Kwaresma is finally over, or at least the official part of it.

Daw Semana Santa man gihapon (It’s like Holy Week still),” some people say amid the never-ending rise in prices of basic goods.

With Lent over, however, we can have our revenge on pork that has enjoyed immunity over the last few weeks or so.

I am not a chef but I love to eat and cook.

Cooking is something that I have learned from my father.

Eating, on the other hand, need not be taught, it being one of our instincts.

I am not so sure if pork legs are a healthy alternative since it is well, pork. But here’s one recipe that I hope you’ll like.



1 kilo pork legs

(What I do is mix 700 grams of pata back for the meat and 300 grams of pata front that has more cartilage and sinews but less meat)

Bay leaves
Soy sauce
Black pepper
Worcestershire sauce
UFC Catsup (more for color, not for taste)

How to cook

Sear the meat first. It is better to salt the meat at this point.

Sautè with the chopped onions and garlic.

Add Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and soy sauce.

Boil until tender.

Add UFC catsup when the meat is tender enough just before you take it off the stove.

Plate and serve to the household cat.

The last line, of course, is a joke.

We don’t say bon apetit like the French, we say, manamit nga pagkaon!


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2 thoughts on “PORK PATA ADOBO | LATOK KALAN-AN (The dining table) by BacolodSpice

  1. i’m a cat and i need pig’s feet. namit!

    Posted by givemetravelfunds | April 29, 2011, 9:59 am

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