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Quotes that crack me up:

Overheard. An exchange between an isaw vendor and her customer.
“Hey, how’s your lola? Do you still get to visit her?”
“I go there everyday sometimes.” (Eyng… huh?)

In a religious recollection:
“Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you who you are.”
“Birds of the same flock feather together.”
“I need that blue yellow pad!”
“I looooooooooooove David’s wieners!”

Outside a native restaurant:
“Hey… ka watch na kamo Seabiscuit?”
“Si Biscuit? Sino na man?”

In Wowowee:
“May puso ka Willie!” Yeah, right… he has such a big heart he beats his wife to a pulp. And he readily exploits people’s poverty, promising rewards if anybody calls him “Gwapo”. Such a big heart, huh?

In a seminar:
“We know that when Manny Pacquiao fights, he fights for us, for the nation.”

Only an idiot would believe in this whopper. He punches well, yes. But a hero? Please, hand me the barf bag. Let’s not get too hung up and emotional with this, please. I’ve seen heroes sacrificing their lives for the country, and so far, on the hero level Pacquiao is not even that close. I would luuuuuuuuuuuurv to see the day when our “hero” fights without the prize money.

How can you call somebody a hero when he lives in a multi-million mansion while his father languishes in squalor?

So yes, call Manny a great boxer. But a hero? Heck, no.


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