Note: Sibat means flee or escape in Hiligaynon.

Good news: The Ombudsman resigns.

Bad news: No more venue for people to hear former President Arroyo’s “sins.”

Quotes from Merci:

“I wanted to face my accusers whatever the personal agony it would have involved. But the interests of my family, my office and, more importantly, the nation, must always come before any personal considerations.”

Yeah, right. You file charges against crooks six years after the crime was done? And then you include a witness and a dead man in the case? Yeah, right – interest of the nation first.

“It is my fervent hope that the misconception bred that having been appointed to public office by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, I owed my allegiance to her and am accountable only to her, and not to the Filipino people and the Constitution, be discarded and laid to rest.”

It is not a misconception, Madam.

Even if you are laid to rest, that “misconception” will not be discarded and laid to rest.

KATANA, used in seppuku by the Japanese | Image from

“While I acknowledge with deep gratitude the opportunity given me by … Arroyo, my undivided loyalty always was, is and will forever remain, to the Constitution and the Filipino people.”

I tear up on this one. She was loyal after all.

So loyal in fact that she charged only four members of the 15th Congress according to a report of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism.

So loyal that it took her all of six years before she could file a case for the fertilizer fund scam.

"HINDI AKO KAWATAN" was one of the campaign slogans of PNoy | Image from

Quote from PNoy:

“I repeated to her that this fight was not personal. I have a commitment to the public to uphold the Constitution to which I subscribed.”

Let’s put a little drama here.

Even if the President says that the fight is personal, there is nothing wrong with that.

Going against crooks in a nation that has been plundered for so long is something that should be personal.

It should not only be brought about by a “commitment to the public to uphold the Constitution to which I subscribed” which sounds vague but because lying, cheating, stealing are wrong even if the laws or even if government officials do not say so.

Lalabanan natin ang mga kawatan,” was one of the president’s campaign slogan and he even swore on his parents’ name that he will never become a thief.

After seeing a gecko-loving president who has thrown shame, propriety, accountability and delicadeza out of her window, it would be a refreshing sight to see someone who hates corruption and wrongdoing with a passion.

“I told you she would resign, she won’t commit seppuku,” NegrosSugar told me after reading the breaking news yesterday morning.

Let’s see if charges will be filed versus Merci even after she resigns.

More on her resignation later in the day.

S211 PLANES | Image from

The Inquirer reports that the Philippine Air Force has grounded all its S211 training jets after one crashed off the coast of Bagac, Bataan, killing two pilots.

The victims were Capt. Raymond De Leon, 30; and Maj. Ephraim Suyom, an instructor pilot.

De Leon was described as a “combat ready” pilot and was the fourth to have died in his family in recent months.

His grandfather died last week.

The report quoted Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Miguel Okol as saying that the Air Force has six remaining S211 trainer aircrafts that are undergoing “repair and maintenance check.”

What the hell? If no plane crashes, there is no maintenance check?

That’s what happens when there is corruption in the Armed Forces.

The sure way to have the planes repaired is to let the generals fly in them first.

Better still, let’s strap former General Carlos Garcia in one of those babies and let him fly to Pampanga.

The ancient Romans were better. At least they knew how to take care of their soldiers.


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