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Okay literary purists.  Technically, this is NOT an ode — it’s a little piece of false advertising up there.  But since I’ll be singing praises to a certain pastry, I think the title is a little appropriate.

Anyway, I’ve never had a sweet tooth  (Bacolod Spice, with all his vitriol, is really VERY sweet – but that doesn’t count, does it?).

And as a Negrosanon, that makes me somewhat of an aberration, for the province is after all a veritable killing field for diabetics.

However, like all Negrosanons, I do have a love affair with the Napoleones  — not to be mistaken for the French Napoleon pastry, and definitely not to be confused with Emperor of the French, Napoleon Bonaparte (who was a fruit, not a pastry, allegedly).

My sister, though, is the one with a sweet tooth.  Did I say tooth?  Why, she has sweet TEETH, and she was the one who first introduced me to the napoleones.

NAPOLEONES | Four napoleones slices surrounded by its sugary cohorts - sapin sapin and two empanaditas on the sides.

What is a napoleones?

It is a flaky pastry with custard filling and that generous amount of sugar glaze on top.

I hate flaky pastries – they do have the tendency to fall apart at the smallest of nibbles and I usually end up with crumbs on my shirt, not a pretty sight especially when you are trying to impress that cute boy at the counter who might think you are a Neanderthal for not knowing how to eat your dessert properly.  I hate sugar glazes – the cloyingly sweet flavor of the confectioners’ sugar somehow tickles my murderous gene and makes me reach for a weapon (preferably a blow torch) and something to practice it on (preferably a cat).

So I hate flaky pastries.  And I hate sugar glazes.  But I love napoleones.

Trust me, for somebody who loves chocolates but hates chocolate cakes, that is normal.

There is just something about the flaky pastry-sugar glaze-custard filling combo that makes the napoleones a must-have dessert, you know, the kind that I wouldn’t mind buying by the box.

The combination is just perfect.  The custard filling itself is (most of the time) unsweetened so the sugar glaze in a counter-acts and even complements the filling’s general blandness.  The texture of the flaky pastry provides a beautiful balance against the silky feel of the custard filling (I realized I just said a lot of f-words there.  Not my intent.)

Hmm… Come to think of it, the three napoleones sitting beside me while I was typing this had gone missing.  And I’m alone.  And I don’t believe in tamawos and kama-kamas.

Okay, I just ate three BIG napoleones while I was writing about the dessert.  Nifty, eh?

So excuse moi… Sugar rush kicking in.

Now, where’s my blow torch?


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2 thoughts on “ODE TO THE NAPOLEONES | LATOK KALAN-AN by NegrosSugar

  1. Roli’s and Virgie’s has the best napoleones! Yummy!

    Posted by tasha_gurl | May 2, 2011, 7:59 am

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