Tech talk time.  Our guest blogger for today is Cherished Alegroso.  She writes about this ultra-helpful thing called Dropbox.  Read on.

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What I know is that I was already happy with a 20GB laptop when I was 15. Now that I’m 22, I’m about to run out of space in my 250G laptop.

And ofcourse, no one can really avoid using multiple computers yet needing the same files. College kids also have the need to share files to several people like projects, .doc files, C++/PHP/HTML codes, pictures, class schedules, answers etc.

And because CD burning and physical transfer via the USB drive has become time and space consuming for the Facebook generation, some would resort to sending files to another computer via email or a Multiply site.

Heaven has enlightened me when my previous employer introduced me to Dropbox. You see, Dropbox is a free online storage where poeple can save and share files of all formats.

What I like about Dropbox is that it has this ability to act just like another folder in your computer. All you need to do is sign up for an account and install Dropbox in your computer. Voila! That’s an extra 2GB for you which can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection.

You can drag files from your computer to the Dropbox shortcut as if it were your usual file folder. Although make sure you are online.

There’s also this option where you and a friend (or friends!) can share a certain folder IN your dropbox folder. The other party, provided they have an account and installed the software, will get a notification that a certain file has been added or removed from your shared folder.

Sharing files is as easy as drag and drop!

If you are using a computer where Dropbox has not been installed, you can still access your files and download it in that computer by logging in to Dropbox.com

The only not so good point is that Dropbox has problems uploading files that are 25Mb and up in size. Best way to do this is compress the file and upload it into Dropbox. The speed of uploading and downloading files is dependent on your Internet connection.

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If you are a Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or Android user, you can also install Dropbox in your mobile device and access files from your computer.

Read more posts from Cherished at http://loveliverspread.wordpress.com.


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