This is a rather stylish name for a simple sauteed shrimp dish but allow me to be like that today as we move close to Halloween.  Samhain (pronounced as sow-an or sow-in, says Wikipedia), means “summer’s end” in Old Irish.  It is where Hallow’s Eve traces its roots.

SWEET, SUCCULENT OCEAN SHRIMPS cooked with skin on, the heart of the dish | Photo by Julius D. Mariveles

A long weekend lies ahead of us and should you want  to veer away from pork and meat dishes, here’s one recipe that would probably be worth cooking.

This dish is good for 4-6 persons although that would depend on their appetites, of course.

Let’s call in the ingredients:

Half a kilo of shrimp
One large white onion
One clove of garlic
10 cayenne peppers (paitan)
Two large bell peppers
Chopped spring onions
Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper

THIS WILL ADD THE SPICE TO THE SHRIMP | Photo by Julius D. Mariveles

Clean the shrimps by removing their antennas (don’t want that messing my food) and washing them in running water.

IN HILIGAYNON | Gingisa nga pasayan nga ginkatumbalan | Photo by Julius D. Mariveles

Saute the white onion and garlic first then add the shrimps.  As soon as the shrimps turn red, continue to saute for another five minutes then add two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and season with salt and pepper.

Add the chopped bell peppers and spring onions.  Serve.

Manamit nga pag-kaon!

BY THE WAY, got myself a new chopping board, a round wooden one that sells for only P45 at the Burgos Public Market. Now that is a good buy | Photo by Julius D. Mariveles


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4 thoughts on “LATOK KALAN-AN | SAMHAIN SPICY SHRIMP by Julius D. Mariveles

  1. Nice! Gin gutom ko : )

    Posted by MM | October 29, 2011, 8:57 pm
  2. Patukod kamo restaurant…ako una kaon…

    Posted by Hera Meister | October 31, 2011, 1:35 am

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