BUGSY’S DINER: LARGE IN FLAVOR, EASY ON THE POCKET | THE PEASANT PALATE | Text by Hannah A. Papasin | Photos by Julius D. Mariveles

Quick.  Where in Bacolod could you find a dish at P15?  Or a juicy slice of pork chop for only P25?

And no, we’re not talking about under-seasoned, runny offerings you can find in a typical turo-turo or catering restaurants that serve home cooking.  In this day and age where quality and flavour are often tossed out of the window, it’s downright refreshing to come across the place that delivers what it promises – and more.

SINUGBA NGA BABOY | Char-grilled, golden-brown pork chops | Photo by Julius D. Mariveles

Welcome to Bugsy’s, the new turo-turo at JP 227 Residences along BS Aquino Drive that offers comfort home-cooking that is large in flavours but easy on the pockets.

Owners are wife-and-husband tandem Tessa and Delfin “Bingboy” Dinsay.  The food, Bingboy says, is cooked by his wife.

There are carinderia staples like the ginataang monggo with kamote tops, linagang baka and  sugbang baboy.  It’s real down home cooking.  Only a pretentious idiot will complain that the food is un-innovative.

GINAT-AN NGA MONGGO KAG LANGKA | All vegetable, no pork. Most creamy carinderia version we have tasted | Photo by Julius D. Mariveles

And the prices.  A serving of ginataang monggo sells at a rock-bottom price of P15.  But dang.  It was good monggo.  Tessa’s recipe apparently did not scrimp on the gata – the dish was the creamiest, silkiest ginataang monggo we’ve ever tasted.   Whatever the souring agent used was just right – the sourness did not deviate from the creaminess of the gata nor the earthy flavour of the monggo.  YUM!

Then, there’s sinugbang baboy – a juicy slice of pork with equal parts fat and lean.  There was enough juice left on the pork to give it more flavour, and the marinade that seeped through the pork cut encouraged customers to have second helpings of rice.

THE CHEAPEST SCHUEBLIG WITH RICE AND VEGGIES ON THE SIDE | At only P90, this dish is a winner on the pocket | Photo by Julius D. Mariveles

Another best-seller, as we’ve heard, is the linagang baka.  It was all but wiped out when we went there, though.  But then, there’s always Round 2.

PEDRICO'S PIZZA is also served at the diner | This solo size sells for only P40 | Photo by Julius D. Mariveles

Bugsy’s – named after the couple’s 12-year-old kid – is actually quite easy to find.  It is found at the ground floor of JP 227 Residences, the new building along BS Aquino Drive at the Shopping Area.   Just look for the open area at the left side of the building.

So if you’re around the area and is working on a tight budget, forget about the expensive restaurants.  Bugsy’s is the way to go.


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