AUTUMN by Yasmin Pascual-Dormido | Photos by Francis Salmingo

Photo by Francis Salmingo

This poem was written by Yasmin for her father who passed away in 2006 and her elder brother who died the following year.The photos were used with permission by Yasmin.  These were taken by Francis Salmingo, a former colleague of Yasmin at ABS-CBN.  He is now based in Vancouver, Canada.

twenty four months of Autumn in my life
one by one, loved ones perish like a tree
shedding off leaves ’til there is none to lose
i had Summer every now and then
but it never stayed for long
the next day, it will be autumn again
for i am losing someone important again
in my Autumns, i seem to wither away
like an old tree about to retire
but that’s not the end yet…
it never is
for Autumns in my life seem the end
but they’re not
for every Autumn is a prelude to Spring
and i shall patiently…
even painfully wait for my Spring.

Photo by Francis Salmingo


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2 thoughts on “AUTUMN by Yasmin Pascual-Dormido | Photos by Francis Salmingo

  1. “her” father, “her” brother, please… 🙂

    Posted by xgovlito | November 8, 2011, 3:30 pm

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